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How to Write Off Uncollectible Accounts

See Section on Productivity below before writing off accounts on SpecVet.

Typically two ways Write-Offs can be done. Invoice Item Method or Payment Method. In our opinion, the Payment Method is the simplest.  

Invoice Item Method

  • Ensure you have a Write-Off Bill Code, typically with a Default Provider being the clinic.
  • Create an invoice with a “Write-Off ” line item that is a negative amount, and then close that invoice.
  • The invoice then becomes a “Credit Memo Invoice” with a credit balance that you then transfer to the old invoices.
  • You can then search for all of your Bad Deb Write-Offs via an Invoice Line Item Search.

Payment Method

  • Create a payment type that is “Write-Off”.
  • For those invoices which you want to  “Write-Off”, you apply that Payment Type against the bad-debit invoice.
  • Shows up on your Recon reports, and Payment Reports, need to have accounting recognize that this is not revenue.


  • For EITHER method you will need to be aware of the implications of how these “Write Off” payments, or Credits affect productivity.
  • If you are making a “Payment” against an invoice which has bad-debt, any payments can affect DVM productivity. This may be OK, given the clinic rules, or it may not be.
  • If your policy is that DVM’s DO NOT RECEIVE production dollars on written-off invoices, you will need to ensure that you check the “PPP Exempt" checkbox in the Invoice Info section before you make a payment. When this checkbox is checked, SpecVet will prevent any productivity to be credited to the providers on that invoice. This requires users to have Priv P186 - Priv for selecting invoice discount, terms and tax status