Staring in the Spring of 2018, SpecVet now has an Auto-Logout feature that will automatically logout a user from SpecVet after a specified period of time. In order to implement this new feature, Clinic Admin will have to setup the amount of IDLE TIME that needs to pass before SpecVet will log that user out and close out all of their additional windows.

To setup Auto-Logout, Clinic Admins will need to navigate to "Setup" then "Settings", and filter to obtain the "auto.logout.delay" setting data.

At #1 above, you can specify "Default" and at #2, enter in number of seconds that to wait until logout occurs.

Alternatively, you could specify "Site" under #1, and then have different values based upon each of your sites.

As with all settings, once this has been done, it will not take effect until users re-login to SpecVet.



Suppress Auto-Logout

We also have the ability to allow for certain users to "Suppress" or Disable the Auto-Logout. If they have the appropriate PRIV, [P210] they have the ability to suppress the Auto-Logout if they hold down a modifier key [CTRL] when they click the login button. This can be helpful for Admin, or other staff who have their own office, etc.

Remember, to allow people to suppress Auto-Logout:

  1. They must have the P210 Priv
  2. They must hold down CTRL, or ALT/CMD, when logging in.