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Prescriptions Overview

SpecVet makes a distinction between several attributes of "Prescriptions"to better manage and track medication use.  

  • Prescribing Medications
  • Prescription Method
  • Dispensing Medications 

A prescription is the formal authorization by medical staff for a patient to begin a certain medications.   Once a prescription is made it can be dispensed with in the hospital, sent to an outside pharmacy or given to a client.    Dispensing medication can occur against a new prescription or can occur against previous prescriptions with valid refills.

Prescriptions in SpecVet are created in two ways, from within a visit record or outside of a visit record.

Visit Prescriptions:

Created with in the context of a visit which means the patient is in the hospital for other medical reasons.  Billing associated with the dispensing of medications occurs  in the open active visit invoice.  The client demographics already exist in Cubex from the creation of a visit

Non Visit Prescriptions:

Create a new prescription or refill against existing prescriptions outside of a visit record.(i.e. The patient is not in the hospital).  In this scenario a new prescription or refill is initiated from the patient record.   Initiating  a prescription or dispense in this method adds demographic information to cubex.  

Non visit prescriptions are created at the patient level and then managed on the clinical dashboard to status the stages.

Invoicing (if it is a dispensed medication) occurs in a non-visit invoice at the client screen.