Appointment Filtering

Filtering Appointment Grid by Group

Our appointment module allows users to associate functionally similar providers (or recourses) such that you are able to view (filter) them in a single view.

For Example: 

You are able to group together all your surgeons, anesthesiologist and MRI into a Surgical Group. Users are then able to easily view all their schedules together by filtering by that Surgical Group. 

How To Navigate

1.   Navigate to Appointments" from the Home Page

(The Appointment window will open in a second window different than main SpecVet window)

2.   Select the blue "Filter" button in upper right side of window

3.   After selecting the filter button a smaller "Filter" window will appear

How to Select a Filter

1.   Select the desired defined groups on the left column to see what providers or resources are part of that group displayed on the right

2.   This will allow a user to see the members of the group but also apply the filter

3.   Once the filter has been applied simply close out of the Filter window using the close button on upper left corner

How to Create new Filter Groups

1.   Select or Deselect the various members on the right hand column 

2.   Use the "Save Selected as a New Group" button to save as a new group

Deleting Previously defined groups

3.   Use red "X" delete button to delete the group, this does not affect any individual providers or resources but simply deletes the previously defined group