SpecVet DMS Overview

The Document Management System (DMS) allows users to:

  • scan paper paper documents  directly into SpecVets file structure from Cannon ScanFront Scanner
  • upload electronic documents (pdf's, jpg etc) directly into SpecVet's file structure

Unlike all other systems there is no need to navigate complex file folder structures or navigate to each patient or visit.  Out system is automated so that files are imported without these tedious steps.

There are 3 main folder structures in our DMS system:

  • Visit Folder
    • generally contains all the scanned documents generated by the hospital in that particular visit.  (Examples: Paper Treatment Sheet, Inside Lab Printouts or Forms, Consult from Poison Control)
  • Patient Folder
    • generally contains all the scanned documents from RDVM's.  The benefit of the patient folder is that incoming medical records can be organized before a visit is created. Also allows all departments and DVMs to have access to the same information.
  • Client Folder
    • generally related to all financial matters.  Examples include Care Credit Agreements, Internal Promisory note.  Any staff member can scan or upload documents to Client Folder but it requires an assigned privilege to view these scanned documents as there often is personal information such as SS# or Drivers Lic. #

As documents are added to a given folder, they are simply appended to the previous pdf documents

If documents are uploaded or scanned by mistake they can be removed, managed and re-added