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How to create a new Medical Record Template (MRT)

SpecVet has the ability to add preformatted text called MRTs to various medical record entries.  MRTs are created and managed in a separate screen. A specific user privilege is required for users to create or edit MRTs.

MRTs have categories and sub categories to make searching and using them easier.  Consistent nomenclature policy for a clinic is recommend to make finding these MRTs as easy as possible.

MRTs also have the ability to insert Visit Variables so that the template include unique information about that visit (i.e. patient name, owner name etc) 

How to Create

Navigate to home screen and select the MRT Icon


Once you have selected the MRT icon you will be taken to a list view of the MRTs in your system.

At this screen you can sort MRTs by category, subcategory and status by selecting column headers or you can search for a MRT title in the search field.

To create a new MRT select the icon near the top of the screen.

MRT_listing.jpgCompleting Details Tab

Complete all the description data for the MRT on the details tab such as name, category and subcategory.  Failure to complete the information on the details page will make it more difficult to find and use your MRT.


Completing the body of the MRT

Complete the body of the MRT by typing in the text field provided.  Basic style changes (bold, italics, and underline) can be used if desired.  The font and point size is restricted in order to ensure a more uniform look of the medical records.

You can cut and paste from other electronic documents (word docs or other) if you have the information in another format.

You can also insert visit variables and data place holders to further personalize MRTs or speed up data entry.