Paper Printer Locations

Default Paper Printers

 SpecVet uses the default printer which is controlled at the OS level of your computer.  Contact your local IT department if you have questions on how to control default printers.

When executing any print command from SpecVet the print job is automatically sent to your default printer.

Printing Options:

SpecVet allows you to have printing options.  Prior to selecting the printer icon hold down your control or option key.

This will cause a print option window to appear as seen below.


PDF: this will save the report to your computer as a pdf.  Which then can be used like any other pdf document.

Preview:  this launches SpecVets pdf viewer.  This will allow you to see exactly how the report or print job will look.

Print Dialog:  This will open up your computers print dialog window.  At this time you can select a different printer or control the number of copies you want.