Paper Printing Problems

The most common printing issues are those related to your computer, your network and printers. If the problem is isolated to these areas you will need to contact your local IT dep't to troubleshoot and fix.  SpecVet uses your computers OS and network to print like any other application. 

Trouble Shooting Printing Problems

Is this a SpecVet problem or a computer problem

  • Open an application which you have been able to print from previously. (i.e MS Word or your web browser)
  • Print a document from this application, if it doesn't print then the problem is related to your computer, network or printer and contact your local IT support department

Common Non-SpeVet Printing Issues

  • out of paper
  • printer off line
  • print que is full or there is a corrupted print job holding up the que
  • large print job from another user
  • printer buffer issues

If the print job does work then it may be a SpecVet set up issue

What if I can print from other applications successfully

  • Check your default printer in your printer set up section.  SpecVet uses your default printer location
  • Execute a print job from SpecVet and monitor your computers print que.  Determine which printer if any is being used by SpecVet. (your default  printer vs other printer vs none)

 If SpecVet is printing to a printer other than your default printer

  • At your computer OS level re-select the default printer
  • Quit and relaunch SpecVet
  • Execute any print job, but select your option or control key prior to printing.  This will bring up report output option window.  (see printer options FAQ for more details)

Select the print dialog option

Select the desired printer and execute the print job.

Quit SpecVet and re-open, this will reset the printer in SpecVet to be in sync with your default printer