rDVM E-mail & Fax # Management

The email address and fax number used to communicate with RDVMs is managed at the contact screen for that clinic or individual RDVM.


SpecVet is unique in that we have a unified data structure where a contact can be a client and/or an employee and/or RDVM.  The fax and email used for a RDVM clinic is managed under the RDVM info tab.

A unique privilege is required to edit all RDVM data.  We strongly recommend limiting access to RDVM editing privilege.


Management of Clinic email and fax #

Navigate to the contact screen for the RDVM Clinic of interest



Select the "RDVM" Info Tab

Select the blue EDIT RDVM button on the lower right hand of your screen. 

NOTE:  The telephone numbers listed int he upper right hand of the screen are those numbers used at the contact level.  They are not used for the communication functionality.


 Once in the edit mode you can edit the following:

  • Reporting Preferences  by selecting the check box by fax, email or print.
  • Email address for the clinic
  • Fax # for the clinic 

NOTE:  because we use an cloud based fax provider area code and number are always required even if you would consider them a local call

When complete select the Done button

Management of Individual RDVM reporting numbers

Individuals at a clinic need to have reporting preferences set for them in addition to the clinic.  The preferences can be the same as the clinic or unique.  Like clinic reporting preference multiple modalities can be selected.

Under the RDVM Info Tab

Select the blue Edit RDVM button on the lower left side of your screen.


On the lower right hand side of the screen you select reporting preference for each clinic that this individual is related to.

Options are:

  • Use clinic preference
  • Use individual email related to the contact.  Unlike clinics, the email referenced is the one managed at the contact level.
  • There is not an option to fax records to an individuals, you may only fax records to the clinics he/she is related to.

NOTE:  A contact can have multiple emails under the email field.  Enter the email in a standard fashion separated by a comma.  (i.e. jsmith@gmail.com, jsmith@aol.com)

Select the Done button to save your changes.