Approved Estimate Totals


"We set an Estimate to be Accepted but the Appv'd Est amount [in the upper right corner of the Visit] was not updated."


Estimates are considered to be 'Patient Based' items in SpecVet even though they are created from within a Visit. This way, when working with Estimates you will see all of Estimates for that Patient. [Helpful for when you have created a surgery estimate in the consult, and on a subsequent date/Visit, you are wish to utilize that previoulsy created Estimate.]

However, SpecVet does create a 'link' between an Estimate and a Visit that is used when calculating a Visits Appv'd Est totals.


In a current Visit, you have set an Estimate to be Accepted, however the Estimate was created within a previous Visit - and is therefore linked to that previous Visit.


When editing an Estimate to be Accepted, ensure that the 'Linked Visit' is the one you are working in - selectable in the Visit drop down.