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IVLS - Interlink Setup/Integration


In-House IDEXX Laboratory Instruments have the ability to have bi-directional communication with SpecVet.  When Lab tests are ordered, they can be "sent" over from SpecVet, to the IVLS utilizing the Interlink software "conduit".  Furhermore, when the analyzers have results, they are sent from the IVLS to SpecVet again, via the Interlink conduit.


What's Needed

  • IDEXX Vet Lab Station at the clinic, properly configured with the IDEXX router, etc.
  • IDEXX Interlink software installed on a Windows computer [SID or Lab Computer] - preferably a server since it will not be affected by end-user actions.
  • FileZilla FTP Server Software installed on the SID which is what is used to push data out of SpecVet, and into SpecVet.  
    • End user SpecVet workstations - when performing the "Send to IVLS" Order Workflow Step will produce a small XML file, that is FTP'd to the Interlink box.
    • The Database Server, on its recurring Server Side Control Script, will utilize FTP to check to see if there are any result files, and then FTP them to the server, and process.

On Vet Lab Station - IVLS

Apparently it works better when the actual IP address of the "SID Server" is specified on the IVLS.

  • Setup up the "Integration Name" as "IDEXX I-Link"
  • Setup the different directory paths for the Request, Reports, and Data [Default: C:\IDEXX Interlink]
  • Setup the "Naming for XML" to have some "static" info at the beginning of the file name (to prevent having file names start with a 'space' character.

Within FileZilla

  • Create a user for the IVLS Integration using the same UN & PW as we will specify in SpecVet.
    • Specify the home directory to be {typically} C:\IDEXX Interlink
    • Click on the Single Person IconCheck all of the priv checkboxes for that user

Within SpecVet

Go to Setttings, and ensure IP, FTP UN/PW and folder names are all appropriate.