IP Changes

Reassigning IPs at a clinic can be a daunting, and delicate task, but by following the few simple steps below, you will ensure that SpecVet will work properly.

Things you will need ahead of time:
  1. Static IP for the SpecVet Database Server
  2. Static IP for the SID (SpecVet Interface Device) server [if present]
  3. Static IP for the laboratory interface workstation/server [if present]
  4. Static IP for your Canon ScanFront scanners
  5. Static IP for each of your Zebra Label Printers (Rx, Collar, Visit).


Please provide this list, your general IP schema as well as IPs for other servers (RDC/Terminal Servers, Domain Controllers, File Serves, etc) to SpecVet ahead of time.

With that information, SpecVet will prepare a new "SpecVet" Opener File  and provide you with the location of where it can be located for you to dissemenate after the change.

In general, here are the steps you will need to do:
  1. Disconnect all users from the SpecVet database, and  complete a proper shutdown of the Database Server utilizing the FileMaker Server Administratvive Console.  See: FileMaker Server Guide. (Keep in mind however, that depending on your version the steps / icons, etc., may be slightly different)
  2. Change the IP settings in the OS, and do a full restart (OS) of the SpecVet DB server, and the SID Server.
  3. Distribute new opener files to all workstations, overriding the existing document.
  4. Make network change.
  5. Reboot workstations.
  6. Change IP and settings within your Canon ScanFront Scanner. [Contact SpecVet support for assistance]
  7. From a workstation, open SpecVet.
  8. From within SpecVet you will need to:
    1. Change IP settings for your label printers and change the printer's actual IP address.
    2. Change IP setting for the DMS / Scanned Medical Records
    3. Change IP settings for other labs & interfaces.
  9. Validate label printing to all printers.
  10. Validate that lab integration is working.
  11. Validate DMS is working.


Changing Label Printer IPs & Settings
  1. From  Home  in SpecVet, navigate to Setup > Label Printer Setup.
  2. On the Printer Settings you will be able to:
    1. Use navigation to go to each of the label printer setup records
    2. Open the printer web setup page in a browser using the FTP Name and Password [Typically it is "admin" and "1234"].
      1. Navigate to Print Server Settings>Print Server>TCP/IP Configuration.
      2. Change the TCP/IP Configuration, ensuring that the Protocol is "Permanent" and Timeout Value is 5 seconds.
      3. Save Changes, and ensure that the printer does reset/reboot.
      4. Validate printer IP address change by printing a configuation label on the printer by pressing and holding the feed button until it flashes one time.
    3. Change the IP address in SpecVet.
    4. "Refresh" the page after making the IP change and ensure that the Zebra Technologies Printer Web Page shows up given the new IP. [Easy was to refresh the page is just to navigate to the next printer, and come back to the one you were on]
Changing DMS Settings
  1. From  Home  in SpecVet, navigate to Setup > System Prefs and change the Scanned Med Recs IP Address.
  1. From  Home  in SpecVet, navigate to Setup > Settings. Scroll or Filter (if available) for the Setting Name: "dms.ftp.IPAddy". Change the Value to the apprpriate new IP Address.
Change IP for Labs and Other Settings

Also from within the ADMIN-Settings page, scroll through and search (or Filter for "IP" if available) any other Setting Names which contain an IP Address, and change the Value as appropriate.

If your clinic utilizies the IDEXX Vet Lab Station (IVLS) you will want to contact SpecVet and IDEXX well ahead of time to see if there are changes that need to be made for the Interlink software, as well as on the actual IVLS software.

Final Steps

Once all the changes have been made, Quit and Open SpecVet again, and validate that the DMS is working properly, and eventually, that the other interfaces are working properly.

At this time, you can have the other workstations Open SpecVet.

Keep in mind that if users started SpecVet prior to your completion of changing all the settings, they must restart SpecVet in order for the settings to update.