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Scanning Procedures - Medical Record Archive to PDF

Archiving SpecVet Records

On a daily basis, print out a listing of all closed cases from the previous day.

To do this, execute the following steps:

  1. Select the “Search Visits” button on the Main Menu Screen
  2. Enter the previous day’s date into the “Invoice Date” Field
  3. Press the “return” key
  4. Select the purple “List” button (printer icon) on the “Charts – View CaseListing” Screen
  5. Enter the title as “Closed Records For {type previous day’s date}” (i.e.Closed Records For 7/24/2006)
  6. Select the green “Continue” button
  7. Select “Print”

Scan all records to the Medical Record Archive. Check off / highlight each casewhen it is complete. Put the completed report in the “Scanned Records” Binder.

Instructions for scanning each record into the archive


Before scanning, check to make sure that the record has been faxed (with a“Final Fax” status), deceased animals have a deceased date/tombstone icon,and sympathy cards were sent. For records that are more than 2 weeks old,consult the CSR supervisor before faxing another report. It can, at times, beeven more confusing for an rDVM to receive an old report and it may requirespecial handling.

  • On the Reports screen of a given case, hold down the “control” key andselect “Complete File” under Single Report Printouts.• Continue holding the control key until the preview window appears. 
  •  Select the “Continue” button on the left side of the preview screen.
  •  Select “Save As pdf”. Enter the Case ID number as the file name.• Make sure you are saving the to “pdfinput” folder in the Medical Recordsdirectory.• Select the “Save” Button.
  •  In the RDVM Report Status section (Reports screen), select “Scanned topdf” and click the green “add” button.